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Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

By on Mar 3, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers: How home movers can make their blogs more readable

The packers and movers industry is highly competitive.

Professional movers, down-the-road packers, single office triers, and the just opened-the-shutters, all compete on price.

The intense competition erodes the price of those at the bottom of the market. Some barely make enough money.

The fact is that any business to be sustainable has to compete on value, not price.

So how do movers and packers provide value? While there are many ways to create and communicate value, this article is focussed on blog creation.

The smart movers have have embraced the idea of creating valuable content for the reader.

Part of that strategy is to have a blog attached to the website.

The blog then becomes the vehicle for conveying value to customers and also search engines.

The state of Packers and Movers blogs in India

Internationally, blogging is par for the course in most of the professional moving company websites and moving service providers.

In India, the digital tactic seems to be to scam the search engines rather than provide value to the customers. This technique may work in the short run but will hurt brands in the long run.

This scamming manifests in a few ways and is suggestive of SEO tricks that no longer work for brands. So don’t copy this technique blindly without understanding the repercussions.

  1. Too many links in the footer
  2. Duplicate information on pages
  3. Zero value to the customer

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Fig 1 shows how a leading packing and moving company uses keyword stuffed links on its footer and combines it with duplicate information on its pages.

6 Reasons Why Movers and Packers should have a blog

Regular, quality content on your website has several beneficial effects

  1. Content on your site gets indexed by search engines.
    So if you diligently use keywords in your content, you get the opportunity to come up the ranks in search engines for that keyword.
  2. Good content creates authority and trust in the customer.
  3. Good content differentiates you from the competition.
  4. Content enables you and other to share it effectively in social media and get social traffic to your website
  5. Content allows you to capture customer information more effectively
  6. Regular content becomes a vehicle for Newsletters which you an use to nurture your customers, onboard them, offer discounts, and more

But every blog is not the same - the quality of content, how it’s embellished, how it’s made more readable through design all matter.

This article show you how that a blog content is just for starters. What is important is that your customers read it.

How to use design and aesthetics to make your blog more readable?

Not many packers and movers in india have blogs. Many of those who do give aesthetics the least attention. There are a few exceptions though.

Let’s examine the aesthetic possibilities for making a blog look good. We have examined the following blogs.

  1. Google Think Blog
  2. The Verge Long Form Articles
  3. Unpakt
  4. Glovve
  5. Wheaton Moving
  6. Writer Relocations

Think with Google

This blog represents all the possibilities of what you can do with aesthetics on your blog. The blog establishes visual hierarchy, with headline, and into distinct from the body copy.

It uses drop caps effectively to signal the start of the body. It uses coloured pull quotes for giving visual relief to the text. Obviously Google Think knows what it’s doing and has in all probability tested the content for readability and load times.

The uses of images is minimal, probably to accommodate fast load times on mobiles which is the trend. Minimalism works too with blogging is what Google is telling you.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

The Verge Longform Articles

This is an example of how to treat long copy interestingly. Stunning imagery, combines well with custom fonts for top caps and uniquely designed pull quotes that encrusted the text. The links in the text are clear and visible.

Brilliantly designed to enhance readability.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Unpakt Blog

Unpakt understand visual hierarchy well. It’s blogs make for easy reading with large sub-heads that are functional.

The value is clear for the customer in their How to’s, and Tips sections.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Glovve’s Moving Tips Blog

Glovve’s Moving Tips section well formatted too for readability. Clear subheads. Neat visual hierarchy.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Wheaton Moving Blog

Wheaton’s Moving blog is minimal but has hierarchy and sub-heads neatly woven into it.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Writer Relocations Blog

This is easily one of the best moving blog from india and beats even some of the better moving blogs in the world in terms of aesthetics.

Excellent visual hierarchy, great images, good use of headers, sub-heads and pull quotes for enhanced readability. Good content with value.

Blogging Tips for Movers & Packers

Have these examples helped you think about improving the readability of your blog?

Let’s have your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you know of great moving blogs that combine value with aesthetics?

Let us know your thoughts below.