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4 tips to create a perfect moving company website

4 tips to create a perfect moving company website

By on Jun 12, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Today, when most of businesses are taking advantage of their online presence, it's needless to say that a moving company also should have a website in place. These days people don’t even think twice before they start searching for a moving company online. Therefore a website is a very crucial part of your marketing strategy. In other words a website can make or break a moving company. This is why we have put together the most critical factors that your website should have.

Here are some tips to make a perfect website for a moving company

1) Mobile responsive design

Today more and more people are looking for all kinds of services especially moving services on their mobile phone. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website you’re missing out on customers who are looking for moving services on handheld devices like iPad, Tablets and mobile phones.
Therefore while designing your website it's imperative that you make it responsive. This can be done either by implementing CSS to your desktop version or either by using a dedicated mobile theme.

2) Desktop design

Your desktop design is also as important as your mobile design. People still use their desktops and laptops at home and at work. So the desktop version of your website should again be user friendly.

People mostly look for contact information if they are interested in your service, so always have it upfront on the homepage of your site. Your logo is your identity therefore it should be unique and should be at the top left of your layout. Some people may also look for a quick quote or a contact form if they don’t want to call and rather mail you. So you have to have this in place too.

3) Have city and locality pages

Have pages dedicated to cities and localities. People are always looking for moving companies who have their expertise in a particular locality or city. Having pages especially with copy written for an area is critical element on a moving companies website. On top of this a moving company can also share their experiences in a particular locality. They can also have customer testimonials focused on locality.

4) Give a free moving quote

This tip is very specific to the moving industry. People these days look for a free quote as most of the moving companies are offering this. Some companies are even giving multiple moving quotes like this packing and moving company.
Adding a free quote is a great way to not only put the customer at ease, but capture more leads from your website. A customer may like to have a free quote before he feels comfortable calling you. A free moving quote can bring in a lot of referrals and future business for the company.

These are some tips moving companies can follow while making their website.